Our achievements

CEI - Experts in vérandas and pergolas

Our achievements

CEI Habitat SA is at your service to create, renovate and improve all outdoor spaces. Based in Geneva, we also offer our services in the Lake Geneva region.

Create your veranda in Geneva : enlarge your interior

Expand your interior, create a new living room! An additional room, a living room open to the pool, a bedroom with a view of the stars, a bathroom bathed in sunlight, a facade that becomes a wall of light... with our glass and veranda solutions, enhance your property with brighter, more design-oriented and more pleasant spaces to live in!

Supplier and installer of pergolas in Geneva

Make your exterior a living space! CEI Habitat has been a key player in the installation of pergolas, aluminum verandas and mixed wood-aluminum verandas in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for over 35 years. The veranda is a construction in its own right that requires know-how and technical skills. Our teams are qualified to install verandas, and are naturally qualified for all types of aluminum constructions. Bioclimatic pergolas, glazed pergolas, canvas pergolas, awnings and all types of quality solar protection.

Swimming pool shelters in Geneva: extend your swimming season in complete safety

Use your pool whatever the weather and save money What could be more pleasant than being able to enjoy your pool and its surroundings even during the off-season, and to be assured that this space intended for well-being and pleasure will not become a constraint for maintenance or safety? Low, mid-high or high, these pool enclosures allow you not only to protect the water from various external pollutions, but also to increase the temperature of the water for more comfort. For the high enclosures, a heater will allow you to swim a good part of the year. Many other options exist to personalize your enclosure according to your needs (colors, motorization, ...)

How to choose between veranda and pergola?

In absolute terms, these are two very different products that will both bring you great satisfaction. Putting aside the relatively different costs, you will have to analyze your needs during an appointment (ideally on site or in a showroom). The regulations of your canton will not necessarily allow you to choose. To summarize, the veranda is a construction that offers you an additional space, habitable almost all year round depending on the authorization granted, the regulations of the canton and the right or not to heat this room. The pergola is a structure that will allow you to use your terrace in a better way, more often and longer. Even if it is glazed on the sides, it can never be used as a veranda. However, it is the ideal object to enjoy your outdoor space alone, with family or friends.

Why choose an aluminum veranda

To begin with, almost all aluminum verandas today are equipped with thermal break profiles. This means that the profiles are as insulating as the glass that is placed in the frame. In simple terms, the inner and outer aluminum parts are separated by a plastic profile and air. This avoids cold bridges and the passage of cold through the profiles. This assembly also makes it possible to carry out easily the bi-coloration. A veranda can be grey on the outside and white on the inside. Aluminum is also a relatively easy product to machine and manufacture. Each manufacturer makes a range of profiles that will allow him to make many models with the same bars at the base. Because of this, this material is very suitable for industrial manufacturing, which reduces manufacturing costs. Finally, aluminum requires little maintenance over time and does not deteriorate or little when subjected to the weather (compared to wood, for example).

Thermal comfort

Because of its large glass surface, the veranda behaves differently from your house. Indeed, you are much more exposed to the sun's rays. The cold periods or mid-seasons will be very pleasant because the heat captured will warm your veranda and will bring a lot of light in these periods of the year more morose in the sunshine. In order to take advantage of it all year long, solar protections will be essential according to the exposure of your veranda. The options The options are relatively numerous. Most often, a veranda is equipped with solar protection, blinds or roof shutters: In vertical parts, slatted blinds (BSO), external zip screen blinds, roller shutters, .... On the glazings also: solar treatments, anti-noise, delaying the effraction.... The veranda being a construction, the options related to electricity are numerous such as lighting, wall or floor outlets, heating (if authorized)...

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